Economic Energy Efficiency


Residential Services

Increase comfort, reduce energy bills, and improve your home's health and safety with our home performance and energy efficiency services.
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Commercial Services

We can help you reduce overhead costs and improve building comfort with our cutting-edge building performance services.
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Building Science Basics

Did you know that most insulation is ineffective without an air seal? Read more about the basics of building science and home performance.
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Experienced team

We are a team of dedicated problem solvers who are trained in the latest building science techniques and enthusiastic about helping reduce our customers' energy consumption.
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We at E3 Power build relationships with our clients to help you understand and control your energy consumption through the principles of building science and numerical analysis.

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After utility consumption is analyzed and a visual inspection is completed, our company creates an action plan customized for your needs targeting energy conservation opportunities along with concerns you may have, such as comfort, health, and safety. We first address any low cost/no cost options that may include recommisioning of existing equipment, lighting retrofits and insulating and weatherizing along with explaining how occupant behavior can attribute to unintentional energy consumption.

Our company's goal is to find the best solution for any given project. What that means for you is that we will not try to sell you a product or a service that you don't need, or a "silver bullet" solution that isn't likely to pay off in the long run. Rather, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your home or building to find the most affordable, cost-effective long term solution for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

Utility and government rebates may be available to you to help with funding any retrofit upgrades and we help you through the application process.

Visit DSIREUSA.ORG to search for possible rebates that may be available to you.

2015 - 2016  Xcel Energy

Residential Rebates for Colorado

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What is a Home Energy Audit?

Andy, along with some of their energy auditor friends decided to make a video explaining what a home energy audit is. We made this movie in 2012 and it is still pretty current today.  We are definately not actors.





Andy Wildenberg and Jeremy Bryan are highly trained, highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience and the expertise to help you find the best energy and comfort solutions for your home or building. Learn more about Andy and Jeremy here, including information about their certifications and other professional qualifications.