Economic Energy Efficiency


Commercial Energy Audits

We at E3 Power use the “building as a system” strategy as well as diagnostic testing to offer cost efficient energy saving solutions to improve the comfort, health, safety, and the durability of your commercial business building.

commercial energy audits & upgrades

Commercial energy audits are performed in a staged manner. 
It starts by “benccommercial energy upgradeshmarking” your building to set a baseline and further track utility consumption over time. 

After benchmarking, retrocommissioning and the possibility of lighting upgrades are looked at first. They usually have the best opportunity for energy savings as well as the quickest return on your business investment. Supplemental loads affect heating, cooling, and electrical loads. They usually entail occupant behavior, computers and office equipment, the building itself and a closer look at lighting.

After air distribution systems are recommissioned a new heating/cooling base load can be assessed and the possibility of HVAC upgrades are investigated. We assist in locating utility and government rebates and incentives that may be available to increase your return on investment.

Each of our commercial energy audits includes: 

  • Utility consumption tracking using Energy Star's Portfolio Manager
  • Inspections of building interior and exterior
  • Lighting assessments
  • Energy conservation opportunity assessments

See what an ASHRAE Level 1 audit includes:


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