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We at E3 Power use the “building as a system” approach along with diagnostic analysis testing to provide economic energy saving solutions to increase the comfort, health, safety, and the durability of your existing building.

Our Building Performance Institute, Inc. certified Building Analyst conducts an audit using diagnostic tools to assess the current condition of your building. A blower door is used to simulate an approximate 20mph wind on all sides of the building allowing the auditor to find areas of the exterior that provide paths for energy exchange to the outdoors. Combustion analyzers and gas detectors are used to ensure that all combustion appliances (furnaces, boilers, water heaters, etc.) are working efficiently and more importantly, safely. These tools, along with computer software and a thorough visual inspection, assist us in providing detailed reports and retrofit recommendations & solutions customized for your home.

Home Energy Auditing & Analysis Services: 

  • Visual Inspections
    • Building interior and exterior
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Health and safety issues
  • Diagnostic Testing
    • Blower door testing
    • Combustion appliance safety and efficiency testing
    • Infrared scanning
    • Appliance consumption testing
    • Duct air tightness testing
  • Numerical Analysis
    • Computer software analyzing and reporting
    • Utility bill analysis
    • Retrofit analysis

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Use this simple tool provided by Energy Savy get a simple scorecard on the energy efficiency of your home

Energysavy Optix Engage


See what safety checks are included with your energy audit

Safety Checks