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Plug and Powerstrips Program to Help CO Home and Offices Save Energy

Electricity usage represents a large cost for both your home and your office. Therefore, you must make sure that you use power in the most efficient ways possible. You may find appliances and lights that use electricity when you don't really need them to work. When you discover those things, you can eliminate unnecessary usage and save money on your energy bills. You can also do small things every day to conserve energy. Check out these ways to save energy at the office and at home, from a powerstrips program to unplugging energy vampires.

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Become Energy Conscious in CO with Energy Star Certified Products

When you see that blue Energy Star certification sticker, what does it really mean? The Energy Star is a symbol that is backed by the federal government, and it indicates that the product is energy efficient. The idea is to help people save money as well as protect the environment through these products. Becoming more energy conscious and energy efficient will not only help the environment, but it will reduce your cost each month that you pay for wasted energy. See why Energy Star is a way to go when it comes to saving money.

Why was the Energy Star established?

7 Ways CO Buildings May Waste Energy and How to Prevent It

The average commercial building wastes 30 percent of its energy. This is a huge number, and the bleeding off of this energy costs your company a lot of money. Apply different changes to use energy more efficiently and responsibly. Here are seven unexpected ways that your commercial building can waste energy on a regular basis.

1. Employees Running Space Heaters

Making Colorado Homes Energy Efficient For Winter

Winter is a notoriously expensive season. From the extra clothes to car maintenance to your house, there are many areas of your life which become more expensive in the winter. There are things that you can do to make your house more efficient and keep those hikes in your electricity bill under control. Follow these tips to increase the efficiency of your house and keep it warmer in the winter.

Improve Your Insulation

The Benefits of Colorado Green Companies and Conserving Energy

If you are working on growing your company, you might not direct much of your focus to environmental factors. However, many companies in Colorado are learning that by going green, they are also saving money. By focusing on being environmentally friendly, your company can potentially save money, boost revenue and maximize your profits. You can invest the savings back into your business. You also enjoy many of the benefits of becoming one of the Colorado green companies, including tax credits, improved work culture, and less clutter.

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Reasons to Learn Saving Energy Facts in Colorado - Your New Year's Resolution

For resolutions to stick past the end of January, you must have the conviction to follow through with your promises you made to yourself. In other words, you need reasoning behind your commitment. You need to own it. Plus, reminding yourself of the “whys” as you waver in the following months increases the chance of success. Saving energy in Colorado is a worthy resolution for the coming New Year. Think of the benefits for your budget, overall comfort in your house and helping to save the planet. You have plenty of reasons to turn this resolution into a year-long habit. With today’s energy-efficient products and conservation consciousness, you are primed for success. Check out these reasons to make saving energy your New Year’s resolution. Review the list once per season to stay on track.

Energy Saving Lights and Ways to Go Green During the CO Holidays

While celebrations burn bright during this holiday season, so does spending your money and using your home’s energy. Fortunately, a few simple tips increase the dollar and energy savings around your Colorado home in these memorable months. Here are a few general hints before we jump in. Watch for government and industry-approved energy saving logos on products to get the best quality and highest savings. Also, look for manufacturer rebates and coupons on holiday lights and more. And find out if your local utility company offers special savings for LED light displays. Learn more about energy saving lights and other ways to go green during the upcoming CO holidays.

Putting Manual J, D and S to Work for Your Denver Home

Installing a heating and cooling system, and its subsequent operation, add significant cost to homeownership. The Air Conditioning Contractors for America (ACCA) would like to see these costs decreased and energy efficiency increased. Manuals J, D and S work to these ends, but what, exactly, are these manuals?

Coming to Terms With J, D and S

Manuals J, D and S compile standards and protocol for the design and installation of HVAC equipment and ductwork. Developed by ACCA, each manual is valuable on its own but also acts as a precursor to the next standard.

7 Ways to Save on Fall Heating and Cooling Costs in CO

It’s finally fall as the days become shorter the temperature drops. You know that your energy bills are on the rise. Every year, Colorado homeowners feel the pinch in their pocketbooks from these rising energy costs. Space heating accounts for around 45 percent of the average American family's energy bills. To save money and ensure your home is running efficiently, try these seven sure-fire tips to cut your heating costs.

1. Weatherize Your Home

Energy Saving Solutions for Colorado Commercial Facility Managers

Whether you’re looking at it from an environmental or an economical perspective, becoming more energy-efficient is a smart decision. Your Colorado facility can save money, time and the environment by taking some simple steps that will encourage your employees to be more mindful of their energy use and, ultimately, improve your bottom line. How can this be done? Well, energy bills are one of the top expenses facing small business owners and managers. Heat, electricity, air and other utilities are necessary components of running a successful operation, but this overhead can also be some of the biggest drains on your budget. Moving this to the top of today’s to-do list can make an impact for years to come.