Economic Energy Efficiency


Published Testimonials

George from Boulder
Jeremy did a wonderful job. He was patient, polite, thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. Be assured I will post favorable reviews of your business on Angie's List and Yelp.
Peter, Denver
Jeremy: Thank you for sending.  As I mentioned to you on Thursday, I appreciate your attention to detail.  This report is excellent, and as per your physical inspection, I appreciate the detail in the report.  
Doug from Frederick
Don't know what we'd do without your thoroughness. Your detailed reports & other information has helped immeasurably while working with our builder and HVAC company  to have our HVAC system problems corrected.”
Judy from Denver
Thank you for your work and the information and professionalism.  
Tom, Denver, CO
Andy, Jeremy -   I just wanted to let you know I didn't have any questions or concerns with the Audit or HES reports. (Other than being surprised our house made a 4 in HES; I expected a 2 or less.)    I'm prepping for the tasks I know I can handle, but will almost certainly want to consult with or hire an insulation contractor to address the crawlspace and attic when the weather cools. Until then, I have plenty of work to keep me busy.
Peter- Aurora, CO
Andy, Thank you, I knew the energy audit would be worth the cost when we first talked.  I did not realize how much you did and everything that was checked.  Your detailed report was easy to understand, I had never considered several of your comments about leakage and energy loss expense. Thank you again, time and money well spent.
Brian, Denver, CO
Have you seen this yet? Wow….what a great report, just stating the facts, with no opinions in the building science of this home. This is what every house needs, and btw…every new home gets a blower door test, air sealing, etc. because of these principles.   When we get into the next home, I’d like to have you there while Andy does his audit, you will find it very educational and worthwhile for your business moving forward. It will help you sell homes, trust me.   The “Green MLS” is coming…and energy code are being written completely differently today because we are now finally looking at… (read more)
Ken from Evergreen
Dear Andy, Based on a recent Xcel Energy bill, which indicated that the energy usage in my home is considerably higher than the norm for my neighborhood, I contacted Xcel Energy for an energy audit of my home.  Yesterday, Jeremy Bryan, a building analyst with your company, contracted by Xcel, spent almost five hours doing what struck me as most thorough inspection of all potential sources of energy loss in my home.  I found Jeremy to be not only thorough, but also highly competent and well disciplined in his methods, as well as cordial and readily open to answer all of my questions, staying on the task as… (read more)
Sarah from Denver
Dear Andy, Thank you for doing such a thorough job auditing our house. We sincerely appreciate how much time you spent checking our boiler! I wanted to let you know how the repair on Monday went. The company we worked with, used a monoxer to test CO levels and they also got ambient readings of 6-7 ppm in the laundry room and kitchen. As Kevin took apart our boiler, he quickly realized the source of the emissions: a significant build-up of soot on the exchanger. He says this should not happen and it probably accumulated over a few years. I've attached some photos. He cleaned the exchanger… (read more)
Marc, Denver CO
"As the owner of an older home in Denver facing high utility bills, I was looking for an expert opinion on how to make my home more energy-efficient. I hired Andy and Jeremy from e3 Power to do an energy audit through the Denver Energy Challenge program. They were able to accommodate my busy schedule and come on a Saturday morning. I received a comprehensive and easy to read report outlining solutions for my home that included an approximate installation cost along with approximate annual savings. This information proved invaluable to me as I was initially planning some other very costly work that would not have yielded… (read more)