Economic Energy Efficiency


Thank you for doing such a thorough job auditing our house.

Sarah from Denver

Dear Andy,

Thank you for doing such a thorough job auditing our house. We sincerely appreciate how much time you spent checking our boiler! I wanted to let you know how the repair on Monday went.

The company we worked with, used a monoxer to test CO levels and they also got ambient readings of 6-7 ppm in the laundry room and kitchen. As Kevin took apart our boiler, he quickly realized the source of the emissions: a significant build-up of soot on the exchanger. He says this should not happen and it probably accumulated over a few years. I've attached some photos. He cleaned the exchanger and, after that, we had readings of 0 in the laundry room and 30 in the flue (if you remember, it was over 2000 in the flue when you read it on Monday). He was incredibly knowledgeable about the whole system and we feel very good about the repairs he made. He definitely agreed the situation was dangerous for us and was glad we acted immediately.

Thank you for helping us become aware of this dangerous situation! 

We just received the full report from CLEAResult and I look forward to implementing many of your suggestions.