September 19, 2014
Lighting is an important component of a home. Whether you need to perform tasks without bumping into walls and furniture, or give your home a unique and bright appearance, lighting is what you need. The sun gives us plenty of natural lighting, which we can use to brighten up our homes.
August 20, 2014

Did you know that lighting fixtures consume about 35 percent of the total electricity used in your Colorado home? While having bright and decorative lights can make your home more beautiful, you must remember that they increase your carbon footprint. Don't worry, though, because if you take steps in the right direction today, you can effectively reduce your energy consumption and cut down on costs. 
August 12, 2014

Air sealing, in simple terms, is the process of closing the openings and cracks in your home to prevent cool or warm air from leaking out. Apart from stabilizing the temperature of your home, air sealing is also crucial for moisture control. This is important in regions like Colorado where there is a constant need for home heating. The most ideal time to air seal your home is during the time of construction. 



  • Andy, Thank you for your detailed report and the valuable time you spent with me on the phone and Taylor in the condo. It's a great learning experience. Hopefully we can make a dent in the energy consumption and heating situation!


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