Do you need to meet the requirements of IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) and want to follow the prescriptive path?  REScheck ™ is your answer.  It’s a free software from the US Department of Energy designed to make it fast and easy for builders, designers and contractors to determine whether new homes, additions or alternations meet the local adopted IECC requirements.  REScheck ™ is appropriate for insulation and window trade-off calculations in residential one and two family buildings, multi-family buildings of 3 stories of less above grade including apartments and condominiums.  REScheck ™ works by preforming a UA calculation for your building envelope. The report generated can be used for compliance with your local building official. 

The software is free, but the learning curve is steep.  Call todays for a free quote.  My price on a home can be as low as $200 for REScheck ™ compliance.  All I need is a digital copy of your house plans.  I complete the take offs using Sketch-up™ and enter the data into REScheck ™.  Turnaround time is usually two business days.

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  • Don't know what we'd do without your thoroughness. Your detailed reports & other information has helped immeasurably while working with our builder and HVAC company to have our HVAC system problems corrected.

    Doug Frederick

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