E3Power home energy audits Denver, CO

We at E3 Power use the “building as a system” strategy along with diagnostic testing to provide energy saving options to increase the comfort, health, safety, and the durability of your home. We can also analyze your attic insulation in Denver CO and vapor barrier levels in order to qualify for Xcel Energy rebates.

Blower Door Assisted Air Sealing

A blower door is used to depressurize the building and simulates an approximate 20mph wind on all sides of the building. This aids us in finding areas of the exterior walls that provide paths for energy exchange to the outdoors. With low expansion spray foams and caulks our installers correct these issues to increase the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your home including insulation, air sealing and more.


New energy efficient recommendations for insulation R-values in Colorado are: Attic R-49, Wall R-18, Floor R-25, Crawlspace R-19, and Basement R-11. We help to reach these standards by assessing current insulation levels and adding additional insulation using a variety of methods and materials based on the location of improvement.


Dense Packing Walls with Cellulose Insulation

E3Power dense packed cellulose wall insulation, Denver, CO

We drill holes into each stud bay and fill each cavity with cellulose insulation.

E3Power dense pack insulation hose, Denver, CO
patched and retextured holes from dense pack cellulose insulation, Denver, CO

After filling each cavity we patch and retexture the holes.

E3Power finished installation of dense pack cellulose insulation, Denver, CO

No. This isn't a "before" photo. This is after! Can you tell where the holes were?!

Attic Insulation in Denver

E3Power insulation vacbag, Denver, CO

This photo shows our insulation vacuum. The large "burrito" in back is full of old insulation. Removing the insulation gives us full access to the attic floor allowing us to air seal exceptionally well!

Crawlspace Insulation

E3Power 12mil vapor barrier and fiberglass perforated vinyl blanket in a crawlspace, Denver, CO

This photo is of a crawlspace after we've added a 12mil vapor barrier and a fiberglass perforated vinyl blanket.

insulated combustion flue

This is a photo of a combustion flue that was insulated prior to us starting work. While insulating ductwork is a good idea, insulating the flue pipes is not, as they get very hot.

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  • Andy, Thank you, I knew the energy audit would be worth the cost when we first talked. I did not realize how much you did and everything that was checked. Your detailed report was easy to understand, I had never considered several of your comments about leakage and energy loss expense. Thank you... Read More

    Peter Aurora, CO

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