blower door test & duct leakage test

Air leaks and duct leaks in a Colorado residential or commercial building can:

  • Prevent it from meeting local energy codes

  • Increase heating and cooling costs

  • Reduce comfort levels

  • Create uneven indoor temperatures

  • Introduce air pollutants

  • Decrease indoor air quality

At e3 Power, we offer a number of services that help ensure buildings are in compliance with energy codes and uncover the location and severity of air leaks. Using advanced building science technology and training, we accurately and precisely test and measure cracks, gaps, holes, and leaks in both building envelopes and ductwork. Along with providing our detailed results, we’ll also recommend the right air sealing and duct sealing upgrades to help bring a building into code compliance, reduce operating costs, and improve energy efficiency.

Blower Door Tests

Blower door tests help identify the source and severity of air leaks in Colorado residential or commercial building exteriors. These air leaks can not only create issues with local energy code compliance, but can lead to energy waste, high heating and cooling bills, and poor indoor comfort.

Duct Leakage Tests

Duct leakage testing from e3 Power helps confirm the quality of new residential or commercial HVAC ductwork installation in the greater Denver, Colorado area. Duct blast tests help with local building and energy code compliance and make sure that leaky or improperly installed ductwork is not leading to expensive energy loss through gaps, leaks, and other duct issues.

e3 Power can help you get to the bottom of air and duct leaks. Call (303) 292-1233 or contact us to schedule an appointment.



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  • Andy, Thank you, I knew the energy audit would be worth the cost when we first talked. I did not realize how much you did and everything that was checked. Your detailed report was easy to understand, I had never considered several of your comments about leakage and energy loss expense. Thank you... Read More

    Peter Aurora, CO

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