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Rooftops are one of the main sources of water leaks and energy efficiency problems that can drive up heating and cooling costs, reduce indoor comfort, and create unhealthy air and moisture problems. But the roofs of houses and commercial buildings in Colorado can be difficult to access, and many local energy audit companies in the greater Denver and Boulder areas struggle to properly assess them, particularly when dealing with steep residential roofs or large commercial high rises.

Using advanced drone technology, e3 Power takes a different approach. Our team of experienced and certified building scientists utilizes aerial drones to conduct safe and accurate building thermal inspections of homes and buildings that help us find long-lasting and cost-saving solutions to problems that would otherwise go unsolved.

The Benefits of Using a Drone for Building Thermal Inspections

  • Faster, safer, and more efficient inspections by expert building scientists

  • Infrared cameras detect problems invisible to the human eye

  • High-resolution imaging offers pinpoint accuracy

  • Makes hard-to-reach areas accessible

  • Helps address insulation issues, air and water leaks, and roof damage

Thermal Inspections for Your Home or Commercial Building

An energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your home or commercial building’s energy usage, and it’s particularly useful in identifying areas of weakness where upgrades could reduce heating and cooling costs while improving overall indoor comfort and air quality.

One of the main areas where heat loss is often concentrated in a home is at its highest points. But an energy auditor can only do so much from the ground. With an aerial drone energy audit, e3 Power uses drone technology to gain full 360-degree views of a building. Using powerful DroneDeploy software, we can then create detailed 3D models from our aerial images that allow us to more thoroughly conduct insulation inspections, check for roof leaks, and more. 

e3 Power’s drones are equipped with high-resolution FLIR infrared cameras that produce images showing infrared radiation (heat) levels. Using the data gathered, our trained Level II Thermographer can identify even small differences in heat. By looking for areas on the outside of your home or business or on your roof with higher or lower heat levels, we can uncover performance issues that may have gone unnoticed otherwise, including:

  • Areas without proper insulation

  • Air leaks and improper attic venting

  • Water leaks

Schedule an Inspection Today with e3 Power

Using drone technology to more accurately conduct thermal inspections of a building will not only help you identify the underlying issues in your home or commercial building, but can also save you money and time by putting you on the road to a solution faster. Schedule your e3 Power drone inspection today, either as a standalone service or as part of a larger residential or commercial roof inspection and energy audit. 

Trust your home or commercial building with the company emphasizing the science in “building science.” Call (303) 292-1233 or contact e3 Power for aerial energy audits and other cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions.

We use advanced technology to find the building issues other auditors can’t.

Schedule a drone-assisted audit or inspection today.

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    Cathy and Bob Boulder, Co

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