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Aerial drone inspections make solar installation and solar panel maintenance easier than ever. With e3 Power’s drone roof inspections and solar panel inspections, we can help you get the most out of your Colorado solar farm or home’s solar energy system. Using advanced technology, our drone services can help you save money and avoid the headache and hassle of repairs and broken panels.

  • Fast, safe solar panel aerial inspections

  • Easy preventative maintenance for your solar panels

  • Identifies roof damage prior to solar panel array installation

  • Helps keep your solar panels operating at full efficiency

Why Use a Drone to Inspect Solar Panel Installations?

Remote-operated aerial drones can be used both before and after solar panel installation.

Before you install solar panels on your Denver or Boulder roof, you’ll want to be sure that your roof and shingles are in good condition. Discovering five years down the road that you have a roof leak that needs to be fixed will be much more expensive if you also need to remove already-installed solar panels to get to the roof.

Measuring and evaluating your roof with our aerial drones gives you precise data to use with your solar installers, and with our thermal imaging, we can identify potential issues with your roof that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. At E3 Power, we use a Flir XT2 camera, the highest resolution SUAS thermal imaging camera on the market today! We then utilize FLir Tools or Drone Deploy Thermal imaging software to analyze the images and make our recommendations to you.

How Do You Inspect PV Solar Panels with Thermal Imaging?

After installation, solar panels need inspection regularly to ensure they are working correctly and producing the maximum amount of free energy for your home. Solar panels can be damaged by hail and severe weather, falling branches and debris, and even water due to faulty waterproofing sealing in rare cases. But since solar panels are most often installed on rooftops, accessing and inspecting them can be difficult (not to mention dangerous), which means you often won’t realize you have a problem. 

Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, however, make solar panel inspection easy. Defective cells with heat fissures or cracks that aren’t producing energy can be identified quickly due to the heat differences between a working and broken solar panel cell, and with the information e3 Power has provided to you—including DroneDeploy software that can create detailed maps and interactive 3D models of your roof and solar panel array—you’ll be able to reach out to your solar installer (assuming your system is still under warranty) to get the issue resolved right away.

Commercial Solar Farm Drone Inspections

Aerial drone solar inspections aren’t just limited to residential solar energy systems. They are even more useful for larger solar arrays or farms, where they can quickly and easily inspect large areas of solar panels, and with geotagging, can lead solar technicians right to problem areas, cutting down on inspection time.

Drone technology can help you maximize your solar panel energy production. Call (303) 292-1233 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an inspection.

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