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Lakewood’s Local Independent Efficiency Experts for Energy Audits & Blower Door Testing

Homeowners and businesses in Lakewood CO can find solutions to improve energy efficiency by scheduling energy audit services with e3 Power. Energy audits in Lakewood CO identify solutions and strategies that can:

  • Lower your energy bills and reduce energy waste

  • Improve overall comfort and indoor air quality

  • Prevent damaging ice dams, drafty rooms, and uneven home heating and cooling

  • Decrease environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint

Energy Efficiency Services to Evaluate Lakewood Homes 

As the top independent energy audit and commercial energy services company in the Lakewood CO area, e3 Power focuses only on testing and analysis, not the home improvement services themselves. That means that if we recommend insulation, air sealing, or other upgrades for your home or business, it’s because we actually believe you could benefit from them—not because we’re trying to close a sale.

Because our focus is actionable data, we offer homeowners and businesses honest and trustworthy advice on ways to save energy and money. We also can provide recommendations for reliable specialists to complete your upgrades.

Whole House Energy Audits That Educate Homeowners About Home Systems 

Whole house energy audits by e3 Power examine every aspect of your home’s energy profile. As experienced blower door contractors, we use scientifically tested and verified tools, software, and training to evaluate your Lakewood CO home. We work with you to craft recommendations based on the information we uncover during your energy audit. Our energy audit includes these services:

  • A review of your current energy usage, including electricity, natural gas, and other sources

  • An insulation inspection that covers the roof, walls, and basement areas 

  • An assessment of combustion appliances including furnaces, boilers, and water heaters

  • A blower door test combined with infrared analysis to identify air leaks and poor insulation levels 

Once the data is collected, your e3 Power technician can prepare a roadmap of recommendations for Lakewood CO insulation and air sealing services and other upgrades to improve home energy efficiency and comfort.

Drone Services for Solar and Thermal Imaging Analysis

e3 Power takes analysis to another level with our drone imaging services for residential and commercial customers. Our expert drone technicians can use these airborne devices for: 

Gathering data from overhead provides a unique perspective and allows us to detect and identify energy leaks and malfunctioning solar panels or evaluate construction progress.

Construction Services to Help Meet Colorado Standards and Codes

e3 Power services help contractors navigate the complex energy efficiency codes required for buildings in Lakewood CO. Air or duct leaks can make code compliance difficult without professional blower door testing and duct leakage tests. Commercial builders in Lakewood trust the professional testing provided by e3 Power to keep their new construction projects on time, on budget, and on schedule.

e3 Power Offers for Precision HVAC Calculations

Avoid costly guesstimates for HVAC design. Contractors count on e3 Power to provide accurate Manual J, D, S, and T calculations. Our compliance team also offers sophisticated REScheck and COMcheck compliance to ensure projects meet IECC and other code requirements.

Reach out to the local Lakewood, CO energy experts for independent energy services you can trust. Call (303) 292-1233 or contact us to learn more.


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