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Here in Centennial, we get to enjoy every season of the year, with hot summers, snowy winters, and beautiful foliage during the fall. The city provides over 4,000 acres of outdoor space for residents to make use of year-round, including Centennial Center Park, Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space, and over 100 miles of trails. 

While the changing seasons are part of what makes living and working in Colorado so wonderful, however, nobody wants the outdoor weather getting into their homes and buildings. The expert team at e3 Power helps builders, architects, commercial building owners, construction companies, and homeowners build and renovate structures that can withstand the Colorado weather without wasting energy.

Commercial & Whole House Energy Audits 

An energy audit is the first step to take in any home efficiency upgrade. If you’re interested in an energy audit for your Centennial home or building, e3 Power is the energy audit company to trust. We are a building science expert that has completed more than 1,500 energy audits, and we offer energy audits for residential and commercial buildings. 

We provide insulation and air sealing consultations, but we don’t offer any home retrofit upgrades like insulation or air sealing services, so you know you’re getting an unbiased assessment with us, not an upsell on a service you don’t need.

Blower Door & Duct Leakage Testing 

Air leaks and duct leaks in Centennial homes and buildings can cause serious problems like high energy bills, low comfort, and poor indoor air quality. In many cases, blower door and duct leakage testing are required to meet building codes. 

e3 Power is a professional duct leakage and blower door test contractor near you in Centennial. We offer blower door testing and duct blaster testing for residential and commercial new construction in Centennial and can help you meet building code requirements while improving comfort, health, and efficiency for owners and occupants. 

Drone Imaging Services 

Drone imaging gives you detailed information about your home, building, construction site, or solar array that you can’t get from the ground. We make it easy and seamless to evaluate and monitor rooftops, large construction sites, solar arrays, and more. 

Our drone aerial imaging services in Centennial, Colorado include: 

Manual J, D, S & T Calculations, REScheck & COMcheck

Don’t rely on estimates for HVAC sizing! Trust the professionals at e3 Power for precise Manual J, D, S, and T calculations in Centennial, CO. We’ll make sure your residential or commercial HVAC system is sized correctly for optimal performance and efficiency so no money is wasted. 

We can also help with REScheck and COMcheck compliance to ensure your building or remodeling project meets energy code requirements. 

Get independent, non-biased energy auditing and commercial energy monitoring in Centennial. Call (303) 292-1233 or contact us to learn more.

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